We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I had a similar post today, less loving though, I need to work on that.


Peace be with you Ehden, yes, love heals, war is profitable for bankers.

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The only way to make any sense of all of this, is to go to a higher level of awareness. I do not have any definitive answers, but in recent weeks I have come across a rich vein of thought, with several different people who have some alternative outlooks.

Paul Levy, who has taken the Native American concept of "Wetiko" - the "mind virus" of evil that is rampaging now. This is a good introduction:


There is also the concept of the shifting world narrative, most beautifully articulated by Paul Kingsnorth in his 3-part essay "The Vaccine Moment".

You can download it for free here:


These are all very readable, and I found it very heartening to take this higher perspective.

Because at this earth-plane level, most of us are feeling pretty powerless about all the crap that our "leaders" are throwing at us, the lockdowns, the jabs, the climate hysteria, the unbelievable march to nuclear war. With any dissenting voice being labelled as "disinformation" or "domestic terrorism" - the assault on freedom of speech being truly the most scary part of it all.

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I am so glad I read to the end.

One has to travel through hell to touch heaven.

Cheers from Japan Enden.

— steve

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