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They have been doing the same thing with "climate change".

For most of my life, I've been an environmentalist, against the casual destructiveness & toxic pollution of the mining and logging industries (which here in Australia are a key foundation of our economy), trying to recycle my rubbish, all the other stuff you support.

But then in 2019 things changed - it all became "climate change" and the only focus was now carbon dioxide emissions. We had climate change rallies, and Greta Thunberg. And you didn't have to look very deeply to see that the whole environmental movement had now been hijacked. (A slightly deeper look reveals that George Soros & all the usual suspects are funding it and controlling it.)

My field of study is biological science and psychology - I don't have the background to evaluate climate science, so I can't really comment confidently about whether or not human-caused climate change is as huge a problem as they are telling us (but I suspect not - there is so much evidence that this is just a phase in a natural cycle of climate, and that other things are happening, such as the reduction in our earth's magnetic field).

But I can recognise a con when I see one!

And as with the narratives about vaxxines, and multiculturalism, we have a quasi-religious narrative about climate change, that you are not allowed to question without risking going foul of the Grand Inquisitors...

Anyone who poses reasonable questions or objections such as questioning the wisdom of a push for 100% reliance on "renewables" is called a right-wing reactionary (or worse).

I can see this agenda waiting in the wings to be rolled out soon, to justify more restrictions, and food shortages too.

I think the push for multiculturalism is part of a sinister agenda to break down our communities and our human connections - as with lockdowns, the attacks on small businesses, and all the human misery justified by the scamdemic, these are all enforced and pushed with religious fervour, and thinking is definitely not going to be allowed!

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Hi Ehden, Please contact the people taking this very cause and all you have been talking about to court........ an email is contained within the document for contact:


They could do with some good work by you

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Great posts! Greatest respect! How come you lurk in the shadows?

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Is it because multiculturalism and climate change, after they destroyed the world with genetically modified crops and glyphosate, among others, and polluted it with plastics, lead, replaced the health care with BigPharma, etc.etc.etc., has been coming from the same sources as the current most brazen attempt at destroying the world as we know it? You know them.

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Are you Willing to get to the Source of the Problem and not get Lost on Way?

Are you Brave enough to make a substack? One Technique is to Believe in Gods

Open Discourse. To be Clear you have to Embrace for All Time that Believe is the opposite of Will. Will you do that? Is the Truth to much, although it will set us Free?

The question remains: Will you put Him up again for Heresy and shout Blasphemy and forget your Mother in Trinity..Then again you will be just a Ghost and when you Shine in Holiness you will be Lost. The Lie is Sacred and you will see it in every Way, not just Marxism. Why is Way of Love not enough?

There never where Gods [sic] but We for sure have a Mama and Papa. We could ask them for help but if they see the mess they will get very upset. We have to clean up before they come home and they will. Otherwise they will take Us Away Forever. We totally destroyed Paradies..Will you help me Ehden Son Biber?

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By the way: Another Technique is to Believe in a God

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Take my hand and help me translate into Hebrew with identical capital letters: The Third Way is Soft

Thank you,


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