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The mass denial is truly astounding, among peoples of all economic strata and political viewpoints. It’s like people are unable to admit that we were as a society duped so easily, quickly, convincingly, to line up for such dangerous and unproven shots which have now conclusively shown to be killers. We simply cannot seem to fathom that we are the veritable sheep we always joke about.

My favorite excuse is: No way the shots themselves could be that deadly. It must be covid and the spike protein itself.

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I met Ken and his wife at a fruit and veg store recently.

They are tripled-jabbed and masked in the store.

Their three children - 23, 20, teen - took two each.

We chatted whilst his wife went to do her things.

Ken is your typical media-informed majority.

I contradicted everything he said with reasons and facts, causing him to pause and think since he could feel that I was well-informed. No, he did not ask me to share my information or sources.

Me: What is this, all masked up? You have vaccinated?

Wife: For double protection.

Me: Have the covid deaths been verified? Most covid deaths were deaths "with" covid; not "by" covid.

Ken was silent!

Me: Did you know that the average age of covid death is higher than the average life expectancy?

Ken was silent!

Ken: Have you personally seen anyone die from the vaccines?

Me: My sister attended three funerals: 52; 72; 69 year olds.

Ken: But, have you personally seen anyone die from the vaccines?

Me: Have you personally seen anyone die from covid?

Ken was stunned into silence!

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Two questions must be asked:

1. Why did you take it?

2. What research did you do?

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