Hi, very nice article.

While differing somewhat from yours, I had a similar experience of epiphany a few years ago.

What I learned is that, while God does ultimately require justice be done, patience and mercy are the practical consequences of his infinite love. Your honest mistakes are instantly forgiven. By sincerely seeking God with all your heart, and by extending love and forgiveness to our fellows, you become able to receive this forgiveness.

It’s not necessary for us to be perfect, at this very moment, in following the will of the Heavenly Father — what we are is not nearly as important as what we are becoming. God inhabits eternity, and consequently what we who inhabit time and space perceive as slow and incremental progress, God sees as completed truth, provided we are sincere of purpose (because if we aren’t sincere, then the progress will eventually come to an end).

While it is true that God inhabits infinity and eternity and those things are remote from us, God actually dwells within us as a gentle and very real influence that softly, quietly and persistently whispers “This is the way”. Sensitivity to this Divine Gift can be, through steadfast faith, carefully nurtured to the point that it is no longer a whisper but a brilliant beacon of spiritual guidance and you become no longer able to conceal “the fruits of the spirit” that such diligent application of effort causes to become evident in your life and you become a true Son of God. That’s how you know it’s working.

And all Sons shall come to the Father, and be part of the glorious reality that is eternal service in love and righteousness. This “vale of tears” is not without divine purpose. Your faith response to your fiery trials becomes part of eternal reality, and persistently evincing faith in facing defeat and disappointment results in your very personality becoming identified with this eternal reality — everlasting life (though obviously not in the physical body).

As real as was God’s revelation to you, this was the substance of what I was taught.

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In world of lies, seeking truth is a never ending pursuit. I thought at one time I had come to know the truth and so ended my seeking. That is living in the past and coming to rest, a place of spiritual deadness. Living is seeking the truth and telling it to yourself daily. Specifically, that I am on a journey and have not arrived as yet but there is hope ahead. The crumbs of truth from thy table lead me there oh Lord.

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Exquisitely beautiful music. And powerful thoughts!

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thank you.

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