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I like this.

There are also global movements starting up, not political parties but Freedom movements.

Some of them are also trying to work within the political system to change things, but you are right. Here in Australia, we have just had a Federal election, with a change of government. Yet the 2 major candidates - the Labor Party and the Liberal-National Party Coalition - are basically the same in their core policies (while denigrating the other and claiming they themselves would do it all better: better vaccine rollout, better economic management, better everything.)

We had a strong freedom movement here, with different factions, and some of them became very organised politically and had candidates standing in just about every electorate. Yet not a single one of these got anywhere close to being voted in.

(Partly because most of them were very politically naive, and also because the Freedom Movement split into different groups who ended up denigrating each other.)

Instead, we had a wave of Greens and "Teals" (independent candidates who stood for election on a green platform, but not part of our Greens Party). These were mostly supported by inner city trendy people, in the wealthier electorates. These people were mostly not very affected by the lockdowns here, they had jobs that enabled them to work from home, and lived in nice houses where staying at home meant you could spend time in the garden, not a windowless tiny apartment in some tower. So they have the luxury of being able to prioritise trendy issues such as climate change and anti-racism.

Right now in Australia, we still have reminders of pandemic over-reach - but it is mostly not very noticeable, not unless you are in one of the professions (eg health) where vax mandates still apply.

Our freedom movements are still active, and many of us can see that this is by no means over.

This is one movement that looks promising, and whose leaders I have deep respect for:


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I'd link your post to Twitter but I've been permanently suspended! Great article!

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FYI - Efshar will NOT participate the upcoming elections!

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agree Ahden even if "fed up" is not very positive. Your party should promote voting directly for a law and NOT electing people who, then, will create their own laws which will serve their own interrests.

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I agree with you that political parties are a dead end by now. What we're facing is system collapse, not a political problem. However, I can't agree with the points you put forward as a new basis.

1. "We are committed to the truth. Not to “my” truth or to “your” truth but THE TRUTH" The problem here is that it depends on what you're talking about. While the laws of nature apply to all, some truths ARE my truth or your truth. What's right for me isn't always what's right for you and vice versa. What we need is a system based in the laws of nature that at the same time allows for personal agency.

2. "We are committed to unconditional love". Sounds lovely, but violates point 1: the system must be based in the laws of nature. Not everyone is committed to unconditional love. Any system must be built to take account of that and prevent others from being exploited.

3. "We are committed to ... BEING IN THE NOW" Again, a laudable aim but it goes completely against human nature. As conscious beings we are aware not just of the now, but of the 'was' and the 'to be'. That's our unique gift among all the life on this planet. Denying it will not make us happier.

But it remains true that we need a paradigm shift if we are to survive this current crisis of civilisation. Over on my substack I wrote two a blog in two parts this weekend which start to investigate possible solutions that will allow us individual freedom while at the same time existing within the laws of nature.

Part I: https://howtosurvivetheapocalypse.substack.com/p/on-totalitarianism-part-i

Part II: https://howtosurvivetheapocalypse.substack.com/p/on-totalitarianism-part-ii

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