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I used to be a Greenie - and I still think that environmental issues are important, that we need to husband the resources of Earth more carefully, and that growth of any sort cannot go on forever. But like Patrick Moore, I have observed the green movement getting hijacked by mindless slogan ideology in recent years, and somehow everything has become about "climate change", not pollution or other waste.

I no longer identify as a Greenie, and unfortunately the whole environmental movement has completely lost credibility in my eyes.

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If you care to look at old photos of Scotland, the place is barren and bleak. If you visit there today the whole country is full of trees and very, very green and vibrant. This is also how the North of England looks too - in places. I kinda go along a wee bit with the global warming bullshit on a superficial level, but only because, as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. so aptly stated... Human beings, past and present, have trashed the joint.

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I can’t recommend enough the website https://electroverse.co/

And the YouTube channel https://youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers


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The Bible says it’s harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Obviously the rich people who are behind this mRNA Clot Shot con, have forgotten the most basic Bible rules – my guess is that they are headed to Hell and for eternity. Anyone ever been to Haw Pa Villa in Malaysia – interesting graphic display they had there years ago, about what it is like in Hell – bodies being torn in half, with giant saws, boiling in hot oil, stuck on giant red hot cylinders, etc Chinese mythology and the Chinese can sure think up some terrible ways to dispose of live bodies over and over, for eternity.

Life on Earth is so short, in actual fact and it passes very quickly, when you look back at your life and discover how quickly the years have passed by – “life after death” if such exists – could be for eternity too, better to be on the good side, than the bad, is my take on that, irrespective of if I am regarded as a weed, useless eater, human garbage or landfill!!

That said, I think I might have a simple free cure for the mRNA vaccines and what they are doing to the human body - it takes 1 second to do - how about that!!

Refer to my post at: See Link here: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/dr-deborah-birx-admits-the-biden-admin-s-vaccine-efficacy-claims-were-based-on-hope-not-science?postId=a3d057d7-ac1b-42bc-a7fe-c024bd287569&utm_campaign=199f646b-68a5-41f7-82de-8a549f823c43&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ceae1640-2bfb-4a34-af39-02b55e4aecee&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4 at the end of his article, in the comments section.

Be really keen to find out how effective it is, from someone who has the 10 Digit number, when they put their iPhone on their arm, to not having one at all afterwards, which means to me that the vaccine weapon has been killed off - what is your take on that?

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TASTER. (Below) Moderna & Pfizer and others, have made a 19 nucleotide sequence and 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site mRNA (between 2010 and 2016) to modify the human body with a 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site, 99% Graphene Oxide injection, which makes a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain, with a 10 digit call sign, which goes where - human or computer - which is totally illegal medical/scientific research for secret use on humans, as is the Pfizer contract (I have a secret Pfizer copy) and presumably the Moderna contract, that governments knowingly, illegally signed, understanding the ramifications involved, to make electronic/computerised/modified advanced humans, after those not suitable, have been exterminated - I wonder if DARPA is involved with this - Bill Gates - I would say, certainly.

Which is NOT the mRNA vaccine, that we were told it is, or its purpose, which removes their blanket immunity from prosecution and holds them all accountable in any Court Of Law.

Then there this pearl: An alarming number of vaccine recipients suffered from severe and debilitating complications. Growing increasingly concerned, the physician decided to study messenger RNA (mRNA) and its effects on DNA. After speaking with colleagues and conducting numerous experiments, she made a startling discovery. When the Bluetooth setting was activated near immunized individuals, a "unique identification code" appeared on her smartphone’s screen. Each person seemingly contained an internal technological device. During an interview transcribed by Orwell City, Dr. Brandolino shared her startling findings: Mónica Calcedo: The chip. Is that real or a lie? Dr. Brandolino: It’s a nanoprocessor. I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Dr. Kalcker. It’s clearly seen in the magnification: a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-responsive devices. That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna. That is, all G technology is the same. The difference lies in that the packet of information that an antenna can transmit, is much larger in 4G Plus and 5G, 6G, and 7G. All that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor— in a device which will be just inside our cells. By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they’re self-reproducing, it’s self-replicating. But because it’s in graphene… Graphene is a catalyst and, as I explained to you, makes that cell resonate with the 5G antenna and the microwaves of human thought. Can you understand that? There’s a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.

Link here for the electron microscope research of Dr Robert O Young which supports the above: See Link here: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/dr-deborah-birx-admits-the-biden-admin-s-vaccine-efficacy-claims-were-based-on-hope-not-science?postId=a3d057d7-ac1b-42bc-a7fe-c024bd287569&utm_campaign=199f646b-68a5-41f7-82de-8a549f823c43&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ceae1640-2bfb-4a34-af39-02b55e4aecee&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4 at the end of his article, in the comments section.

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Arctic Sea Ice Has Grown Since 2012

By Chris Morrison

Global warming paused, polar bears thriving, more coral on the Great Barrier Reef than you can shake a stick at – it’s been a difficult gig for climate alarmists of late. But there is always the melting Arctic ice, and the prospect of the Greenland ice sheet slipping off its perch and ending up in your front room. Alas, even that old standby is looking shaky, with evidence gathering that the ice is no longer melting as fast as in the recent past. On August 16th, summer sea ice in the Arctic was at its third highest extent since 2007.

According to the U.S.-based National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC), the northern sea route along Eurasia “may not become ice free” this year for the first time since 2007. Preliminary estimates by NSIDC suggest a 30% chance that sea ice will cover five million square kilometres, something that has not happened for eight years.

The cooling trend has been apparent for some time. Earlier this year, the Daily Sceptic reported that the coverage of Arctic sea ice was now very close to the 1991-2020 average, well above the 2012 low point and higher in 2021 than the previous year. According to Copernicus, the EU’s weather service, the 2021 March sea ice extent was just 3% below the 30-year average. March is the maximum extent of sea ice in the Arctic. Recent figures show March 2022 was slightly higher. In his recent Global Warming Policy Foundation climate report, Emeritus Professor Ole Humlum noted: “The trend towards stable or higher ice extent at both poles probably began in 2018 and has since strengthened.” Observational records of Arctic ice go back to the start of the 1800s, and display moving cycles of both temperature and ice extent.

As if on cue – how much longer can we run this stuff? – the Guardian and the Washington Post ran stories about the Greenland ice sheet melting and causing major sea level rises. Research published in Nature Climate Change journal was said to have shown that “global heating to date” will cause sea levels to rise by 27 cms, as a claimed 110 trillion tonnes of ice will melt. Extra helpings of alarmism were also available. Cherry-picking the one-off record melt year of 2012, and assuming it will become a “regular occurrence”, delivers a “staggering” 78 cms sea level rise. And as if this was not enough, the Guardian also reported that “other scientists” had warned that a significant part of the Greenland ice sheet “was on the brink of a tipping point”.

Back on Planet Sanity, the U.S. meteorologist Anthony Watts noted that the claims of Greenland ice melt raising sea levels “are just modelled hokum”. The assertion that sea levels would rise by 27 cms was “false and easily disproven”. In his view, it is the “same old scare story” we were told by the UN in 1989, in which a senior UN environmental official warned that entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend wasn’t reversed by 2000.

Watts notes that there is no time frame for the 27 cm of claimed rise (although the authors of the paper suggest it could happen between now and 2100). How can peer reviewed climate science be so imprecise? He notes that 110 trillion tonnes is ”scary” for most people, but when actual recent ice loss is compared to the full Greenland ice sheet, the loss is said to be so small “that it is almost undetectable”.

In a related article, Watts says that climate activists, including government bureaucrats, claimed that the ice sheet was melting six times faster than it was 30 years ago. This claim, improved to seven times, was recently repeated by Matt McGrath and the BBC. But 30 years ago, the Greenland ice sheet was barely melting at all. “Six times almost no ice loss is hardly an example of a climate change crisis,” observes Watts. Over the last couple of decades, claims of Greenland ice melting have been used to bolster fears of runaway sea level rises, says Watts. He adds that satellite images and recordings going back to 1993 show sea levels rising at a mere 1.2 inches per decade, and this is not significantly different to typical rises recorded since the mid-1800s.

Of course, all these scare stories are politicised science pushing the command-and-control Net Zero agenda. Let us put it in a wider paleoclimatic frame to see how dramatic effects are sometimes produced by natural variation. An interesting paper has just been published by two glaciologists in America, Laura Larocca and Yarrow Axford, that found that over half of the Arctic’s glaciers and ice caps (GICs) that exist today did not exist or were smaller 10,000 to 3,400 years ago. At the time, atmospheric carbon dioxide ranged between 260 to 270 parts per million, compared to the current 410 ppm.

The paper is summarised by the No Tricks Zone science site, which notes that 80% or more GICs were smaller than today, or absent from 7,900 to 4,500 years ago. This was noted to be the peak of the interglacial Arctic warmth, when temperatures were many degrees warmer than they are today.

The Arctic’s modern ice extent is “among the largest of the last 10,000 years”, it is reported. The largest GIC extent of the Holocene has been seen in the last millennium. This is said to suggest that any reduction in GICs in the last few centuries “is but a partial return to a former period of much greater warmth”.

Hold the front page: Treble tipping points all round.

Chris Morrison is the Daily Sceptic’s Environment Editor.

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