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Look, I don't like what Bill Gates is doing at all. I think that he has lost touch with basic humanity due to his financial success.

But this is a pretty simplistic take. To imply that Novell failed simply because of a marketing claim Microsoft made, is to overlook many other factors in a very competitive and dynamic environment. I'm not going to rewrite the history of the OS wars of the 90's here. But I am old enough to have participated in them, both outside of Microsoft, and within Microsoft. And I can tell you this is a simple take.

The tech industry was and still is very cutthroat. This was not something that only Bill Gates did. Look at the history of IBM, Oracle, Sun, Google, Facebook, on and on. You will see even more egregious acts.

Bill Gates today is a problem for sure. But the bigger problem is the concentration of power in the form of extreme wealth, in the hands of a few oligarchs whose hubris knows no bounds.

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I recon he learnt about the computer virus, and though it was a good idea.

A digitally constructed virus is not something that exists in real life. We have been confabulated to associate a computer virus which appears real, yet it was constructed deliberately to allow an access point to inject code to corrupt software.

So, a new industry was borne called “Anti-Virus Software”.

In virology it’s the same MO think “Furin Cleavage “a special cleavage site or receptor” You would have heard about ACE2 Receptor” The Anti-virus software here is called a vaccine.

My opinion of course, I wouldn't be surprised though, looking at how evil his mind is.

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