I am still a little confused. The Israeli response to the Yom Kippur pre-warnings was to ignore it. They got harmed badly but no one is to talk about it negatively because they wanted the Israeli people to continue in a euphoria generated by a previous success? ... Live in delusion you great Israelis πŸ‘ because euphoric belief in falsehoods is a good thing? Is that the gist Ehden?

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Apr 2, 2023Liked by Ehden Biber

I used to believe in the so-called democracy.

My great grandfather was Jew from Poland and fled to the UK in the late 1930's and later came to South Africa. All the time fighting for the British. My dad fought for the British too, he was not a Jew as his mother was Christian. His sister converted and married a Jewish man, so we had close relationships with our Jewish side of the family. So we always had one view, that which was taught.

Then we had before that of course the Anglo Boer war, thinking back and seeing what the British did here to both Black and Afrikaner White was always on my mind. Then I saw the Americans and British turn on South African's and blamed them for apartheid. They had to done the same thing during the Angolan, Rhodesian, Mozambican to those people.

But after seeing the Brits in action again with the US democrat's against the Syrian, Arabs and now against the Russians who were partners against Hitler, yet support another Hitler Wannabe Zelenskii, and seeing NATO I have woken up.

Democracy is a complete farce. Secrets are hidden here too

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Poignant, painful, powerful.

Thank you!

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