I was listening to a J C Couey video, and lo and behold, at circa 52 minutes, Ehden came on to briefly discuss the rats, mice, and monkeys, despite having receptors that differ from humans,  that were used in a trial.as evidence to buttress the efficacy of the jabs.  Only the evidence as to numbers of animals used was a lie. 

The whole video with Maria Gutschi is excellent;

Way to go, Ehden!

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Prison. Manslaughter of negligent homicide. The CEO's should spend the rest of their life in an orange jump suit. God help them if any other inmates had a loved one die of the jab.

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It seems you've got some good info here, but as presented you're not even going to reach 1% of the people that might come here to start reading it. It's much too long, it's poorly presented, and it's poorly worded in spots. The use of multiple highlight colors in quoted text bits is horrible.

If you want to make more of a difference, you need to find a way to condense this by 80% or more (much of it isn't necessary to make your point anyway), avoid simply repeating technical jargon from pharma that is almost certainly intended to obfuscate anyway, and beyond that find a way to make it easy to understand for even the non technical.

You could also shorten it by breaking off portions into other articles, such as the obvious conflicts of interest and the money trail, then link to those from here.

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And whatever you do, don't mention the fact that Albert Bourla, Tal Zaks, Walenski, pretty much everyone behind the COVID lie, all happen to be Jewish.

I'm SURE it's not important.


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Anyone read all that?

Let me reduce all of this into 2 sentences for you. It'll save you a LOT of time.

1: Nothing called "COVID 19" (SARS Co-V2 or wtf ever) has EVER BEEN ISOLATED IN A LAB nor PROVEN TO CAUSE DISEASE IN HUMANS. In fact, just the opposite.

2: All "viruses" and "vaccines" come from JEWS, who play at being your "friends" but in actuality they think of non-Jews as mere animals deserving of slaughter.

See? 2 sentences tells you everything you needed to know. I don't care if Pfizer "bribed scientists" because it DOESN'T MATTER. Viruses are LIES, so anything they tell us is a LIE. I don't care if their research is shoddy, because I ALREADY KNEW THAT. PASTEUR'S DIARIES PROVED THE VERACITY OF GERM THEORY. Which is to say, THERE IS NONE. I don't care if their non-existent "trials" killed animals because I'm not going to even CONSIDER letting some Jew inject its poison into me.

You could have saved ALL that time and effort, by just saying this.

And if someone puts out a "hard hitting article" about this stuff and they DON'T mention that everyone behind it just HAPPENS to be Jewish...like, they can't even be bothered to MENTION it...you're being misled in one way or another.

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