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as always your precision and compassion for humanity comes through in your writings.

That was my interpretation of the situation but I couldn't get confirmation that all entries listed were deceased.

I hope Kevin accepts your offer because this is going to happen a few more times in the com i ng months and they have the head start, because they are acting first, then checking afterwards to see if their actions were legally appropriate. That old argument that it's better to ask for forgiveness, than permission!๐Ÿ˜‰

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It wasn't Mega it was Steve Kirsch he gave the bait out and made it look good. So people downloaded it not realizing that Steve can track everyone that downloads off him. It was a bait and switch he took the guy's data and had Mega erase the guy's account. Steve Kirsch has 100s of millions of dollars. Steve is a computer genius a Low tier Bill Gates. How to you steal data from other people? By getting them to download something from him first. Lol

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Dec 6, 2023ยทedited Dec 6, 2023

Apparently the problem is the data was gained illegally and that is why MEGA pulled the trigger to not get involved in a scandal which could have them internationally banned (that is bad for business).

Is wikileaks still working? That would be the right place to share such data.

Or a piratebay torrent.

Let's hope Kevin can with your help at least get his MEGA account up and running while deleting this dataset from his account (this is the agreement I would try to reach with them if I was Kevin)


They do where I come from and MEGA is not responsible for checking if Kirsch has really anonymized these. They are just a space provider.

Good luck.

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Here lol Kirsch its common sense lol

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Again https://x.com/kevin_mckernan/status/1731009717013561665?s=46

Right here lets you mirrored it from Kirsch. Days before say Wasabi took down his shit it was a lie. Retrace your steps.

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Lol the whole NZ data was fake from the get. All Steve did was take the data from people who downloaded it. Again the guy has money he knows Mega. He just called them up to delete the guy's shit to get the guy to believe it was Mega

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