What a fun bit of history to be involved with.. hackers, crackers & phreakers oooh lala! Sulette is awesome it's a great book; the amazing HPAUS crew were also key in the earliest Anonymous hactivist events when PayPal and big banks cut off WikiLeaks funding.

Some of the same cyber-angels still protect WikiLeaks servers & part of me is hoping insurance files now mirrored but unreleased will be leaked if Julian is extradited. On the anniversary of Aaron Swartz death they launched OpLastResort against DoJ and my fingers are crossed that more moves against Julian will unleash chaos in ruling elite web services & databases. <3

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Fascinating account of those early days.

Am wondering if you know about David Rogers Webb and The Great Taking planned? He has a longer video and free PDF book explaining what has been done.


I ask as I wonder if an army of "White Hat" hackerscin this AI Blockchain World could do anything to disrupt it. Naive of me I know.

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