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As a physicist & mathematician, I have studied, since the mid 1970s, the hypothesis of "catastrophic human caused climate change" caused by "runaway" CO2 due to humans, and I can firmly say that the language and content of the hypothesis of a looming climate disaster are both TOTALLY MISLEADING and FALSE. But, if CO2 got much above 1%, life as we know it would be much different, or not at all. The planet, Venus, didn't get the way it is (75% to 85% CO2) from biological processes for that reason. But, that doesn't stop agenda-driven hysteria from being couched in language and words meant to DECEIVE and OBFUSCATE the issues.

For instance, the words, "fossil fuel" used to describe natural gas, oil and coal are DECEPTIVE. The adjective, "fossil" in fossil fuel, states an "agenda-driven" conclusion implying that gas, oil and coal have their origins from biological processes. ----- In fact, natural gas, CH4, methane (also known as carbon hydride) exist in huge amounts in most of the atmospheres of the outer planets and some of their moons (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Titan, etc.) The temperatures, below -100 degrees Centigrade, doesn't allow carbon based life to even exist, much less thrive. ----- Carboniferous meteorites, having coal-like content, have their origin "not on Earth" (i.e. the carboniferous meteorites didn't need "trees" to form their coal-like deposits! ----- And oil needs a reducing atmosphere, not oxidizing atmosphere like we have, to be produced (if made from animal carcasses or plants).

Consider a large pile of "oil-soaked" rags - the oil slowly oxidizes, heating up, and if confined enough, may catch fire. Ditto pools of oil, presumably from some dinosaur decaying. What kind of mechanical process would get so many "pools" of such dinosaur "oil" underground fast enough to not be oxidized? For the oil not to oxidize or decompose, the atmosphere must not contain significant oxygen. You can't have it both ways. Either oxygen is present to allow animal life. Or oxygen is absent, which means the animals could not have existed. Purposefully, these questions are never asked by agenda-driven people. What was Al Gore's Nobel Prize based on???

Climate change has all the earmarks in Matias Desmet's book describing "Mass Formation Psychosis"; hysteria created by the cooperation of the loud-mouth mainstream media (MSM) in goose-step synchronization with agenda-driven oligarchs, financed by partner bankers, made "legitimate" by partnered politicians.

So, the "green" energy push is part of the same mass hysteria of C19, moneypox, nitrogen hoax, etc., pushed hard for the last 2 1/2 years, all under the guise of "our governments love us," and "Don't question our 'good' intent, especially misinformation conniving scientists".

More explained shortly in my "to be initiated" substack thread.

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This is really impressive work and needs shared. Thank you.

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I read this when you first wrote it, and made sure to bookmark it because of so many key points about our energy situation that are identified. And it's well worth a second read - thank you!

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