Dear Ehden. You are 100% right and This is one of our answers: www.worldwidedemonstration.com HELP us to spread this link. #WewillALLbethere

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Thanks, Ehden. Keep writing articles on all of your findings. Great work.

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Ehden, link to video?

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You bring up a really good point. That is "who did we authorize to make these decisions for us and when did we do that?"

The idea that someone else could sign away our right to prosecute someone who has harmed us either knowingly or through willful recklessness is shocking.

In your last post you put forth some disturbing contractual agreements... But who actually signed these purchase agreements on my behalf? And who authorized them to do so?

You seem to speak of democracy as if it is this perfect form of goverment.... It is democracy that is sacred and cannot be violated.

Unfortunately I disagree with that sentiment. Without acknowledgement and respect for inalienable human rights, a democracy is just mob rule.

We elected people, who appointed people who violated our rights. this is a result of mob rule. What is missing in modern society is a respect for fundamental, inalienable, human rights... I believe the mob is responsible for these human rights violations, not individuals.

Regardless, do you know who the individuals are who signed away our rights?

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