Now having reached the ripe old age of 67, I can proudly say that I never bought into the ritual of voting for POTUS, as those positions are just like the game of thrones here in Japan ... pretty much pre-decided among the wealthy ruling elites. Only at the community level (Dunbar's number or less), do we have a chance of implementing the ideals of the democratic process.

Still, there has been one POTUS candidate whose campaign I have donated money to, and that was Tulsi Gabbard. I knew she didn't have a snowball's chance, but got a good chuckle when she tore another hole in Kamala's ass.

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Time will tell. She is a WEF young leader (2015 ?). What will she espouse?

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Oct 12, 2022Liked by Ehden Biber

Agree with your thoughts, thanks for sharing!

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While I am glad she has seen he light, it is a pity she has taken so long to see the Democrats skullduggery in the elections and the installation of a corrupt president.

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Individually we are one drop - Together we are an ocean

Wednesday Oct. 12, 2022 Truth Bomb

Tom Renz Lawsuit/Tulsi Gabbard/Transdenderism/EcoHealth Alliance/and more

Karen Bracken

Oct 12



Bombshell Covid-19 Lawsuit – Finally - VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - ARTICLE

Tulsi Gabbard leaving ‘elitist’ Democratic Party, blasts ‘cowardly wokeness’ - DO NOT TRUST TULSI GABBARD. She will run for President in 2024 trying to convince people she is no longer a WEF Young Global Leader and a past member for 5 years of the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations). They have scrubbed her records from the WEF YGL website but some of us that know how these criminals work saved screen shots before the site was scrubbed in March. Now why would they scrub her off the website? They are grooming her!! Gabbard IS A WEF supporter and she is a DEMOCRAT to the bone. But they want her as the next President and many dumb butt Americans are so easily swayed by her pretty face and lying mouth. Anyone that would like a copy of the CFR Rosters and the WEF Young Global Leaders picture of her posted as an alumni (but now scrubbed from the site) send me an email and I will send them to you. And all the comments on this article applauding her is just a clue as to how many people do absolutely no dang research. She is a Democrat who will run for President as a Republican or Independent or perhaps a totally new party (rumor has Manchin is considering getting out of the D party…..yeah after he sold us out) but make no mistake she is and always will be a DEMOCRAT but the Dems know they have no chance. She is a fraud. I KNEW this was coming. The Dems have NOBODY so now they have convinced one of their own to run as a Republican and American are already falling for it. I have already heard…..’”oh she has changed”….”she has seen the light.” When there are so many who have not gone to the far left why should we trust anyone that was in the swamp? She burnt her bridge a long time ago. ARTICLE

Just so you know I DID know she would do this here is a post from March 9, 2022

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